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Our Insight.China homestay program was designed to provide participants with a comprehensive experience of the Chinese culture. The program will provide both guest and family with a better understanding of each other's culture. Moreover, if attending our Intensive Language Program, it is the best way of practicing your newly acquired skills. The main points of our program are:

  • Living with a Chinese family and learning first hand about Chinese culture;
  • Learning Mandarin Chinese (optional);
  • Often the family will take you on excursion to famous tourist sites, but also to other places off the beaten path;
  • Authentic home cooked Chinese meals;
  • Once is a lifetime opportunity for VIP treatment; and
  • It is the most affordable full featured "Homestay in China"-program available!!!


Insight.China's homestay is geared towards our foreign friends who have an interest in all things Chinese. The main requirement is to have an open mind and to be fluent in English. We welcome participants from all nationalities and backgrounds. Most of our guests have been recent high school graduates or college students. We have had slightly older participants join us before and they have enjoyed their experience.

:: Living Conditions::

Generally speaking, your living conditions will be upscale by local standards. You can expect to be in a modern apartment with your own private bedroom. Most housing in China involves highly secure housing complexes and communities. Our families are generally very well off and belong to the local elite (Government officials, party leaders, business owners.) Our families will provide you with more exquisite food than you can eat, internet access, and you will be within a short distance of shopping malls and other life necessities. Apartments are equipped with adequate A/C and heating.

:: Host Families::

As we previously mentioned, our host families are carefully screened and rank amongst the wealthiest and most respected families in their respective cities or even in the country. They get involved in this program because they want to learn more about the west. The vast majority are successful middle aged families that want their children to spend time with foreign English speakers for cultural awareness and to improve their language skills. These families will go to great lengths to make their guests happy and will treat them to the best hotels, best restaurants, trips to historical sites and more at no expense to the guests. They feel honored and responsible to welcome a foreigner inside their home. These families also will provide our guests with help learning Chinese mandarin. Insight.China is truly a cultural exchange program.

:: Life with a Chinese family ::

You will quickly find out that the Chinese are amongst the most hospitable people in the world. They will go to unimaginable lengths to make their guests comfortable and accommodate their every need. We can say without a doubt that you will be treated like royalty during your stay here. In exchange, it is required that you spend 1 or 2 hours a day with your hosts chatting and maybe exchanging English and Mandarin Chinese lessons. It would be extremely impolite not to eat one meal a day with them. Overall, respect and an open mind are key to a successful home stay experience. Both parties should understand that there might be a few cultural misunderstanding along the way but that is where we come in with our 24h/day support.

::The fee::

We are proud to offer the most affordable home stay in China program complete with full staff support from the time you land until it's time to go back home. Our all inclusive fee payable upon arrival at the Insight.China office is:

US$ 550 for the first month
US$ 200 for every month thereafter.

This fee cover:

  • Pick up and drop off from Beijing International Airport.
  • 60 Lessons of Chinese in mp3 format.
  • Chinese textbooks to to study in your spare time
  • Any and all visa/paperwork fees after you arrive in China
  • All the trips and excursions that you take with your family (once a week at least)
  • 3 meals/day with your host family
  • Private western style accommodations
  • TRUE 24h/day support during your stay.
  • Free use of our office apartments in Beijing and Shijiazhuang.
  • peace of mind that comes with having 2 reputable organizations taking care of you.

Special consideration is given to people that would like to stay for less than one month or over 3 months. Please contact us with your inquiries.









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